Siblings & Affiliates

The following are my closest friends among the anime web community. Their websites are the best of the best, so make sure to visit them!

I have known Ongaku for a very long time now. We first became friends through an Panikku Forum, an old forum Ongaku used to own. We have been blog buddies and siblings since then. Ongaku is a wonderful friend and I highly respect her for her intellect, outgoing personality, and web designing skills.

Vicky and I were introduced by a mutual friend when we first began co-owning our webpage review site back in December in 2003. While all of the other old staff members have quit or disappeared on us, we've stuck through it and I'm happy that we're still going to this day. Vicky is an amazing person. She is kind, intelligent, and a very talented web designer.

If you are interested in affiliation with Frozen-Wings.NET then please contact me via e-mail or the form provided. I generally accept any network/domain type sites.

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